The N’cho Behavioral Group is skilled at collecting and analyzing non-numerical data (e.g. focus groups, text, video or audio) to assist our clients in navigating unique managerial challenges. We design and implement studies that can serve to better guide the development of organization policies and practices.

Featured Consulting Projects

Kibera Informal Urban Settlement

Designed and implemented a qualitative analysis that utilized multiple focus groups and individual interviews to explore behaviors associated with water use among residents of one of Africa’s largest informal urban settlements. Learn More

Trauma-Informed Support for Credit Unions

Designed and implemented a qualitative study to explore how credit unions have been operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn More

Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development

Conducted a qualitative analysis of the opinions of residents of the Bonoua Province concerning possible socioeconomic impacts of a proposed mining project in the region. Learn More

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