The N’cho Behavioral Group provides psychological first aid intervention strategies and short-term mental health support to businesses, organizations and governmental agencies in the immediate aftermath of traumatic events, disasters or humanitarian emergencies. Our firm leverages expertise gained from service in the United States Navy’s disaster response unit and the outbreak rapid response team of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Services offered:

  • Provide compassionate, culturally responsive, emotional support to survivors in order to reduce initial distress and promote adaptive functioning
  • Facilitate small-group and one-on-one sessions with employees impacted by traumatic events
  • Assist survivors in processing emotions and addressing immediate needs and concerns
  • Augment an organization’s ongoing disaster response effort
  • Provide businesses and organizations with mental health resources

Global Behavioral Health Consulting

Our associates also provide comprehensive consulting services and analyze the various factors that impact behavioral outcomes. Past projects include qualitative analysis, mental health evaluations, outcome measurements, and behavioral health capacity building in settings impacted by poverty, conflict, or humanitarian emergencies.

Previous Engagements

Kibera Informal Urban Settlement

Nairobi, Kenya

Designed and implemented a qualitative analysis that utilized multiple focus groups and individual interviews to explore behaviors associated with water use among residents of one of Africa’s largest informal urban settlements. Kenyan researchers were trained in the implementation of the research protocol and conducting and managing the focus groups. Analysis of data provided our client with unique insight into water-related behaviors and associated challenges in a densely populated, resource poor environment.

Chipata First Level Hospital

Lusaka, Zambia

Constructed and implemented a matched case-control survey within a region of Lusaka impacted by the spread of cholera. Conducted bedside case investigation interviews in cholera treatment tents to identify behavioral factors associated with disease transmission. Study recommendations were utilized by Ministry of Health officials in designing containment and mitigation strategies.

Harare City Health Department

Harare, Zimbabwe

Advised Harare City Health Department Environmental Health Officers on approaches for increasing effectiveness in surveying local public health behavioral practices. A curriculum was designed and implemented to train public health officers in the use of an efficient, digital surveying methodology. This digitized survey method was piloted within the Mbare Flats, a high-density urban community in Harare.

Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Conducted a qualitative analysis of the opinions of residents of the Bonoua Province concerning possible socioeconomic impacts of a proposed mining project in the region. A findings report was drafted and presented to the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development to guide the policy decision making process.


Dr. Hammad S. N’cho, Executive Director and Founder of the N’cho Behavioral Group, is a Licensed Psychologist and served as a Behavioral Scientist in the elite Epidemic Intelligence Service, the outbreak rapid response team of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In this capacity, Dr. N’cho deployed internationally to a wide variety of settings impacted by epidemics. Dr. N’cho is also a veteran of the United States Navy where he held the rank of lieutenant and completed a clinical psychology residency at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. While serving in the Navy, Dr. N’cho provided therapy to active duty service members and their families, was appointed Assistant Division Officer over the Navy’s largest trauma treatment clinic, and served on the Navy’s mental health disaster response unit.

Dr. N’cho is an award-winning lecturer and has taught courses on African American psychology, gender justice, cross-cultural psychology, interpersonal relations, and public policy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. N’cho is a graduate of Morehouse College, completed master’s level training in clinical psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and behavioral economics at Columbia University, Cornell University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, respectively, and completed his doctoral training in counseling psychology at Boston College.

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